How to paint ceramic Necrons

How to paint ceramic Necrons

This is how I’ve painted my Necrons.

Infantry steb-by-step:

  • Grey Primer
  • Medium Camo Brown (Vallejo Model Air) sprayed from the bottom of the mini
  • Arena Sand (VMA) sprayed from the 45 degrees angle
  • Arena Sand + White (75/25) sprayed from the top
  • metal areas: Gunmetal Grey + Black (Vallejo Model Color, 50/50)
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Dark Brown oil wash all over the model
  • weapons were painted black and then some highlight were added using Adeptus Battlegrey (Citadel)
  • green parts were painted using Green Zinc Chromate (VMA)
  • edge lining with pure White
  • battle damage using a 50/50 mix of Scorched Brown (Citadel) and Black

Vehicles step-by-step:

  • Black Primer
  • Black sprayed from the bottom
  • Dark Seagreen (VMA) sprayed from the 45 degrees angle
  • Medium Sea Grey (VMA) sprayed from the top
  • green part and lights were painted using Green Zinc Chromate (VMA) and highlighted by adding some yellow and Radome Tan (VMA) to the mix
  • After some thoughts I still need to add some edge highlighting on them and add some battle damage here and there.


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